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The Secret of Cosmetic Micro-Current

The Beautiful Image Micro-current system is a revolutionary way to safely and effectively tighten and firm Skin.  This procedure goes beyond any conventional technology as it is performed using exclusively designed facial sculpting wands.  The “magic” wands glide over the treated area and emit a gentle microcurrent to the cells, rehabilitating and firming the facial muscles.  The current penetrates deep into the face causing increased production of collagen and elastin which smooth out lines and softens wrinkles.  In addition, it aids in increased absorption of natural nutrients and peptides with the use of our “Natural Skin Support” conductor.  Clients are able to see noticeable improvement after the very first visit and the recommended number of procedures is determined upon your age and skin condition.  You will reap even greater benefits by continuing on a maintenance regimen.

  • Aged and slackened skin.

  • Improvement of skin texture

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Reduction of Acne scars

  • Use pre and post-surgery to improve the both muscle and tissue for optimum outcome.

  • Post surgically the application of microcurrent supports reduction of trauma, irritation, inflammation and helps foster skin healing as well as minimizing scar tissue.

Cosmetic Micro-Current is beneficial for improvement in the appearance of the skin.

The Technology behind Micro-Current

The use of micro-current in medicine and cosmetic improvement has been studied for over 30 years.  Stimulation with microcurrents is also called bio stimulation or bioelectric therapy because it encourages cell physiology and growth.  Essentially, microcurrent is a low level of electrical current that mirrors the natural current flow of the body.  It serves as a non-invasive augmentation of the body’s natural electrophysiology through frequency, polarity balancing, and homeostasis.  The effects of microcurrent (electroporation) in clinical medicine has demonstrated acceleration of healing bone tissue, wound healing, muscle rehabilitation, TMJ, tendon repairs, lymphedema, diabetes, and collagen remodeling.

In summary  Micro-Current

  • Promotes cell metabolism and tissue repair

  • Supports circulation-blood and lymph

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Diminishes lymphedema in cancer patients

  • Helps increase mitochondria activity through increasing ATP

  • Increases natural production of collagen and elastin

  • Supports scar repair by dispensing scar tissue and collagen remodeling

  • Increase protein synthesis, gluconeogenesis (GNG) and membrane transport

  • Reeducate and rejuvenate muscle tissue

  • Supports healing of bone

  • Heals skin ulcerations

If micro-current sounds like what you need, call our knowledgeable team today for a first time client special of $69!  As mentioned under the microdermabrasion page of this detailed website, The Skin Event believes using Microdermabrasion prior to the Micro-current facial, better prepares the surface of the skin for deeper penetration.