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The idea was visionary, but simple, an innovative concept to make skin and body care treatment more effective. Now, based on a cosmetic surgeon's idea and a new discovery known as Hydrofusion™, steam and infrared heat have been combined to allow simultaneous application to the body. The result is being recognized as a breakthrough discovery in spa technology.


The revolutionary DermaLife™ 5.5 pH Hydrofusion™ Skin & Body Care System performs combinations of latest technological advances in body therapies: steam, infrared heat, hydro, phyto, vibration massage, aroma and herbal in a sunning and relaxing spa environment that is easy to use. This powerful synergy produces new possibilities and dramatically improved skin care results.



The power of the DermaLife™ lies in Hydrofusion.™


Hydrofusion™ is an extraordinary engineering breakthrough creating a single blended energy force through the harmonization of infrared heat and steam. This technology

allows you to use both of these natural energies individually or simultaneously. Together, these elements join forces to optimize body cleansing, moisturization and the penetration of nutrients producing advanced skin care.



A natural way to achieve beautiful, youthful looking skin.


The skin is our body's largest organ. Healthy skin acts as a protective envelope for the body and is vital to maintain overall health and beauty. The sun, cosmetics, smoking, second-hand smoke, food, alcohol, drugs, bacteria and other environmental forces strip the skin of its essential nutrients, damaging its ability to function. Regular cleansing and detoxifying treatments are essential to the health and vitality of the skin. Perspiration emulsifies the fat of the sebaceous glands, clearing them of sebum and bacterial flora.





With the Hydrofusion™ System, steam vapor covers the skin creating a glove of condensation. The natural therapeutic qualities of steam include its ability to open skin pores and heat the body, increasing metabolism and circulatory activity. In the intensely humid environment of the DermaLife™ System, perspiration cannot evaporate but forms a seal on the skin's surface. This seal perpetuates the body's internal warming process by preventing body heat from escaping. Enveloped in a blanket of condensation, the body works effectively to absorb moisture and push

fresh oxygen to the surface of the skin. The increased blood supply rushes fluids to the skin's surface, enhancing the development of collagen and filling in the spaces around the cells, plumping up wrinkles. Stimulating the skin on a regular basis helps to combat the collagen breakdown the generally results in wrinkles and sagging skin. The resulting effect is intensive skin moisturizing and toning.



Infrared Heat


Infrared energy waves enter the body, penetrating progressively deeper, to produce heat that opens the skin pores. The infrared (or radiant) heat produced by the DermaLife™ System is the same type of heat energy the earth receives from the sun. Radiant heat warms objects directly without having to first heat the surrounding air.

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This type of direct heating is the most efficient and effective method for applying heat in body treatments because our bodies are made up of 90% water, a substance that easily absorbs radiant heat. Infrared rays produce immediate heat within the superficial layers of the skin while the deeper subcutaneous and muscle tissues are heated indirectly by warmed blood returning to the heart. As a result, overall body temperatures are comfortably elevated, increasing circulation, perspiration and the body's natural ability to cleanse itself and balance heat levels within.


The increased blood circulation and the accompanying increased oxygen in the blood resulting from heat treatments provide enhanced skin nourishment, cleansing and new skin cell rejuvenation. Infrared treatments are also believed to increase the fluidity of collagen, enhancing the skin's elasticity and creating a youthful appearance.



Lying comfortably within the DermaLife™ System, the client's head rests outside the heatgenerated cabinet. Cool face air streams across the face providing refreshing oxygenation without having to breathe superheated air. With steam and sauna treatments, lying down is effort from the heart. In a relaxed state, the heart is able to easily perform its cardiovascular and circulatory functions.



Time Efficient


Infrared heat delivers hyperthermic benefits in as little as 10 minutes.



Energy Efficient


Infrared heat focuses on heating the body rather than the air around the body. Infrared heat ensures that more than 80% of the energy emitted directly heats the client's body.

Vibratory Massage


Engaging all of the body's systems to work in unison toward the goal of systemic harmony and ultimate relaxation cradling the body, the ergonomically-design support bed features a patented massage vibration system, which pulsates and stimulates the body's physiological systems. When the body's systems are relaxed and working in harmony, rejuvenation occurs. The digital control panel allows you to select DermaLife™'s exclusive Dermapulse™ feature or continuous massage vibration.



Aroma/Herbal Therapy


Infrared heat delivers hyperthermic benefits in as little as 10 minutes.



Energy Efficient


Awaken olfactory senses to enhance results and enjoyment. The DermaLife™ System contains two unique reservoirs, which allow for vaporization of aroma and herbal extracts. These vapors, treated with pure, essential oils and herbal and mineral elements, are absorbed by the body both through the sense of smell and by their ability to permeate the skin. By adjusting the face steam posts, the aromatic and herbal steam can be directed to the face and may be precisely regulated for each client's individual pleasure. This feature enhances the performance of the treatments and can help to promote deep relaxation. Aroma, herbal and mineral additives may be combined and varied to achieve customized results.


pH Balancing, perfection in skin chemistry


DermaLife™ offers innovative technology that enhances skin care treatments that are designed to balance the skin's pH levels. Balanced pH levels (optimum amounts of alkaline and acidity) help the body fight off degrading environmental factors such as aging, acne, oiliness and dryness of the skin. Hydrofusion™ revitalizes skin and helps balance its pH chemistry. The DermaLife™ System is designed to help the skin maintain the optimum pH balance of 5.5.

DermaLife™ Accelerates Effectiveness of Treatments


Heat is one of nature's most effective catalysts. It speeds up and magnifies the effectiveness of any chemical process including the penetration of nutrients and active ingredients found in clays, seaweeds, muds and essential oils. Steam and heat combined effectively (as in Hydrofusion™) to allow for better absorption of the nutrients in such products. Hydrofusion™ treatments encourage and facilitate deep and rapid infusion of the topical application into the skin, which is then circulated throughout the localized area and body by the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Steam enhances moisturization in the skin's layers and keeps the topical product moist and pliable, not only promoting a deeper but also a more even absorption of its nutrients.

Dermalife 5.5 pH Hydrofusion Hydrofusion Infrared Heat cellulite reduction pH Balance

Cellulite Reduction


All of the products, equipment and treatments available for reducing the appearance of cellulite may be complemented and improved with DermaLife.™ Effective cellulite reduction can only be performed by vigorously increasing circulation, stimulating metabolism, detoxifying and eliminating excess fluids. Used in conjunction with Endermology, Hydrofusion™ is a vital link in treating the underlying skin and tissue to accelerate effective cellulite reduction.